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Saturday, January 26, 2008

You may recall our Christmas Tree From Last Year. Here is what a year of drought in the South and 100 degree + temperatures did to our tree. This is your warning-it's not pretty.

Plans are to remove it (one of these days) and plant this past year's tree (tree of '07) into the same hole. Right now that tree still sits in the wash bucket in my living room. Oh it's undecorated (except for the strings of lights), but yes, it's still in the living room. The nursery people (ok, Christmas tree lot guy...who we've dealt with the past 4 years) did say that we might have better luck by waiting until March or April to take it outside...but somehow I dont think that would matter much if no rain falls thereafter. Last year's tree did quiet well until the rains stopped falling. In fact all of our trees have done quiet well until the rains stop. (and as a matter of principle-when the rains do not fall and water starts getting in short supply, and we are in the middle of a major drought, I do not water my tree. It's just wrong IMO, and well the water police will cite you too so "they" say.) We've always figured that any extra months we get out of our Christmas tree are bonus months anyhow. We've had one last as long as a year and a half after it's inside Christmas days. (and were even able to put lights on it the year it lived THROUGH Christmastime) Anyway..just thought you would like an update as I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting there to see what became of our tree.

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