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Monday, February 04, 2008

Last night I had a dream. I woke up and to my relief it was just a dream. Whew!

I dreamed that I walked into the living room to find my daughter ready for work wearing one of those tube top things with tattoos all over her chest. She even had some precious moment tattoos on her. Some of the tattoos were verses of scripture. In my dream I was horrified. I was so distraught that my daughter would have that many tattoos(well any permanent tattoos at that!) and that she had on this bright blue tube top to go to work. I remember telling her in the dream that God said to write His word on her heart, NOT ALL OVER HER BODY SKIN!!!

In the dream, she also informed me she had spent $500.00 on her tattoos! No words, even in my dream, I was speechless.

So in the dream, to help calm mama down, we all went on a trip to a hotel. This hotel had bacon. I also lost my airwalk crocs. I woke up at this moment after spending time searching high and low for my shoes.

When I first saw my daughter this morning I had to tell her my dream. I believe she was just as horrified. As I told my husband, he just started laughing. (I had started laughing too at the absurdity of it all). He wanted to know when my daughter's workplace had changed uniforms from the burgundy polo shirts to bright blue tube tops...LOL. We also laughed at the fact that some of the tattoos were precious moment tattoos.

Now if for some reason you came to my blog because you did a search (as I did this morning for kicks) looking seriously for a precious moment tattoo, or you have a tattoo, or you have scripture tattoos, dont hate me. It is just that my daughter is so very modest and conservative in her dress and would not ever entertain the idea of getting a tattoo. (at least not in this part of her life) This would be very unlike her, or her parents as we too are pretty conservative. She certainly wouldn't have them ALL OVER HER CHEST! Tattoos may be great for other folks, just not for everyone and certainly not something we would expect here, on our daughter.

So we had our good laugh this morning over this and then over finding real life pictures of precious moment tattoos, and then again in the car as we ran errands. We did wonder what would have prompted me to dream such an absurd dream like I did. We really couldn't pin point it very well. The only thing that MIGHT come to mind is that perhaps I am starting to process her turning 18 later this year and that she will indeed make choices at some point in her life (as I did) that wont always line up with what I might would make for her. She will have her own life to live and things she will need to do as she grows.

It's either that or those quesadillas are still speaking to me here two days later!

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