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Thursday, March 13, 2008

To say that I am not cutting edge where technology is concerned would be an understatement. I do not stay on top of the new inventions of the day and usually I just hear of things in passing. More than likely, when I do hear about such new fangled things, the item has already been on the market for a few years. I don't drool over spending large amounts of money on gadgets like some do and it takes a lot to impress me. For me to chunk over money for something, I have to have an express need for this item. It will have to serve a practical purpose in my life or I wont have it.

My kids and I were visiting with my mom a few weeks ago. We were watching the price is right at night. All of a sudden I saw this prize that I found fascinating. It was this TV in a refrigerator. I was amazed. I looked at my mom and told her so. I told her, "we needed that when we were little". She smiled and understood the reference.

You see, when I was younger we had one of those big TVs that sat on the floor. If something was on TV that we didn't want to miss (yet dinner was ready), one of us would turn the TV towards the kitchen so we could all peer around the door to watch and hear. There were no VCRs in that day(yet) and no rewind. You watched TV when they said you were going to watch it and that was that. A refrigerator TV would have been great in that time. Oh the fun we would have had, and without the neck strain.

I've looked at the price of this refrigerator. Unless I win some large amount of money, I wont be buying one. They are neat, but I could hardly justify buying one for myself at this point. We have so many options for recording shows, watching TV online etc, one rarely would need such a thing, except that it is very neat. Very neat indeed.

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I think Operah gave some away a while back. They do seem pretty neat.

By Blogger Tanya, at 2:26 PM, March 13, 2008  

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts about my Dachshund Streusel on my daughter's blog today. I am so lost without her as she was my best buddy and my constant companion. I jut can't be without a doxie and already am looking on dachshund rescue sites (that's how I found her) but my daughter wants me to get a puppy so I can train her.

By Blogger Tina in CT, at 3:21 PM, March 15, 2008  

Tina, thank you for visiting my blog. I dont know what we'll be like or will do in the day that Bayley, our eight (almost 9) year old cocker spaniel passes. He is such a detailed part of all of our lives and our day. He has us all wrapped around his paw.

I am praying for you in your loss. She is such a cute pup in your avatar. I hope when you're ready, God sends you a wonderful new friend to cuddle and love. God bless and take care.

By Blogger Muddy, at 12:12 AM, March 16, 2008  

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