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Monday, August 11, 2008

Amy, A Redeemed Sheep has given me a bloggy award. (Thank you Amy!)
The rules that go with this award:
Put the logo on your blog
Link to the person you received your award from
Nominate at least 7 other blogs
Put links to those blogs on your site
Leave messages on the blogs you've nominated
So here seven blogs I choose:.

Always Wanted Four-Rachael does a great job at narrating her life. Through reading her blog, you learn of her family's adoption story and about her Simple Wishes project. You also can keep up with her preparations as she gets ready to run a half-marathon in Chicago in a few weeks.
American Girls in Moscow-This blog tells the tale of an expatriot family living in Russia. She not only tells of normal family things, but also gives you a great bird's eye view of what life is like for them there. Lots of wonderful photos as well as informative posts about Moscow.
Doctor Anonymous-This blog is written by an "anonymous" doctor living in Ohio. It is sometimes a medical blog, sometimes a retrospective, sometimes cutting edge, sometimes updates on his weekly podcasts and always witty. I stumbled across this blog about two years ago and have been keeping up with it ever since.
Hummingbird Mind is a fun blog written by an empty-nester.
Pickle The Guide Dog Puppy-While this blog is no longer updated regularly(Pickle is now in school), it is a great dog's eye view into what the first year is like for a future guide dog puppy and his puppy walkers before going off to school.
McChronicles-This blog "Chronicles the McDonalds brand experience from Customers' Point of View." It definately makes for an interesting read.
Doodles From My Noodle Fun scrap blog by a graphic friend I know online. Great stuff to play with as you play in photoshop or paintshop pro.

5 comment(s):

You are TOTALLY deserving of this award, and I would have nominated you if Amy hadn't!

I want to check out the bloggers you've nominated, but I've gotta do it after I get back from errands / taxi service. :)

By Blogger MSM, at 9:40 AM, August 12, 2008  

Sorry so late! Thank you so much for the recognition. I really appreciate it and thanks so much for reading the blog and listening to the show. Thanks again!

By Blogger Dr. A, at 11:08 AM, August 16, 2008  

This comment has been removed by the author.

By Blogger Meredith Laird, at 2:37 PM, August 18, 2008  

Can't thank you enough for recognizing my blog! I've been bad about keeping up, but now that the kids are all packed up and gone I should find more time... "should" being the qualifying word. Again, thanks for mentioning Hummingbird Mind and thanks for reading!

By Anonymous Hummingbird Mind, at 2:39 PM, August 18, 2008  

Thank you for the recognition.

By Blogger McChronicles, at 12:45 AM, August 22, 2008  

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