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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hannah, taken during the wee hours of the morning of her 18 th birthday. (about 1 or 2 am)

We didn't have cake until later on in the day. It seemed that her birthday started with Friday, August 1st after she got off work and ended Sunday night sometime.
We let her open presents during these week hours of the morning before we went on to bed that night. Saturday we let her guide our activities, mainly running some errands with her that she needed to get done. We ended by going to a favorite restaurant and then watching the newest Nancy Drew movie.
I was glad that before we rented the newest Nancy Drew movie, that we had watched the ones made in the late 1930's. My mother had taped those back in the spring of the movie cable station. The newer movie really took the classic elements of the story and who Nancy Drew was and placed her in a contemporary setting. I would recommend this well as the older ones made in the 1930's if you can find a copy of those to see.
I think the rest of Hannah's birthday photos are on her camera, as my camera's batteries went low right as we were singing Happy Birthday. (great timing huh?)
One pretty neat thing we had this year were color flame birthday candles for her cake. We found them Friday while doing some errands. The flame is the same color as the candle as you light it. They seemed to melt pretty quickly, so really doubt you'd get eight whole minutes out of them like the package says. Since we light, blow them out and eat cake quickly this wasn't a problem for us.
Anyway, just a few notes from this past weekend...good stuff-happy memories
Praise God!

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Wow, what were ya'll doing up so LATE!! Or early, as it was?

What presents did she get? What is her favorite restaurant? Where are my Muddy-details?

(And, we've seen that Nancy Drew movie, and the old Nancy Drew series with Pamela Sue Anderson. Mary loves the books.)

By Blogger MSM, at 11:37 PM, August 05, 2008  

Well, my husband works second shift, so we generally are up that late-just not usually celebrating birthdays.

She got some money, a new Robin Jones Gunn book she's been wanting, a new webkinz and a new Wii game. (and a few other odds and ends) We have some other things planned for later that I'll probably blog about after the fact.

We ate at a place called Kyoto, which is kind of like fast food Japanese. Not really "the" favorite, but one of many places she enjoys eating. She gets a chicken bowl there mostly.

How's that for some muddy details? LOL

As for the Nancy Drew Movies (the older ones), I am speaking of the ones that stared Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew made in the 1930's...not really a series...but just a couple of movies made during that period of time. Here is a link I found that shows what I am talking about:

By Blogger Muddy, at 12:03 AM, August 06, 2008  

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