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Thursday, January 01, 2009

In my ever growing desire to top the TIMHT where I posted about my Mayonaise Packet , I bring to you this week's submission:
My brand new trash can!
Ta Da!
This was on my Christmas list for this year. I know at first it may seem dull...unexciting...borderline weird...but for me, it was the perfect fit beside of my computer desk. It matches my computer perfectly. The black accents bring out the black in my desk and the personal fan I keep nearby.
Not only that, but no longer do we have to make sure to place my trash can on top of some piece of furniture when we leave so Bayley the dog does not get inside of it...decomposing each and every piece of trash as he spreads it throughout the house!

The flip top lid is opperated by a quick push on this button at the bottom(usually done by my toes!). It is not only a very useful trashcan, but a fun one at that. Throwing trash away is fun again...I am so proud!

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Hey, I totally get how a trash can can be an awesome gift! Whatever we want that we don't buy for ourselves... it's fun to get!

This looks really nice; I need one near my computer area...

(and btw, this doesn't come close to the mayo TIMHT...this is LEGIT)

By Blogger MSM, at 2:48 AM, January 01, 2009  

Oh. my. word. I have to go read about the mayo packet now!!! I was actually lying in bed last night, wondering what I would post today - the stress!! :) Anyway, very cool trash can. When I was a kid I thought that the "ultimate" would be to have a trash can where you used your foot to open it. Alas, I have not yet gotten one. Happy new year!

By Anonymous Susan, at 10:02 AM, January 01, 2009  

Fab trash can!!!! I'm a practical gal so a gift like this would THRILL me. LOL And I completely understand the excitement of being able to leave the can where you'd like it without it become a source of adventure for the furballs in the house!!

Happy New Year to you!!!!

By Blogger Carol, at 4:57 PM, January 01, 2009  

I think it's great! I use a crock for my trash by my desk. Piper loves to dig out the kleenex and shred it all over the livingroom. Your trash can would solve that problem, however, I am not willing to let go of my crock. But, alas, I NEED a new shredder. I need to video tape the one we have now so you can see why.

By Blogger Amy, a redeemed sheep, at 9:59 AM, January 02, 2009  

When I was considering asking for a new trash can for my desk area, I realized that the one I was wanting to replace was one that we bought in our first week or two of marriage. It was definately time for a change.

By Blogger Muddy, at 12:00 AM, January 09, 2009  

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