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Monday, February 16, 2009

For Valentine's Day, my husband gave me this cute little heart mug and some candy from Starbucks. His card read that I was his sweet heart. He told me that the candy represented the sweet and the heart represented his heart.
Go ahead and say...awww....
The mug came in a box that they found somewhere in the back of Starbucks. The words on the box were blog worthy I believe:
The bean forever remembers
it's birthplace:
the terraced hillsides,
the equatorial rains,
the lilac-blue shade of
the jacaranda. The Bean
eternally harbors
the nurturing touch of the
farmer deep within.
The bean gives back
blessing each warm cup
inviting flavor of it's
I am not a coffee drinker (the mug was meant for hot chocolate and milk -or perhaps my bowl of morning oatmeal or grits)...but to consider the saying...that a coffee bean or the bean as it calls itself has such a deep should .....
laugh deeply-as I did
Who thinks this stuff up?
I almost think the box was about as good as a gift as the mug and candies....

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Pretty cup; sweet sentiment, glad you had a nice Valentine's day!

As for the 'poem' of the bean, if you were NORMAL and drank coffee, you would be crying, not laughing at those words......well, ok, maybe not, because I LOVE coffee and think that box inscription is a cheesy waste of time and space.... but, hey, thanks for sharing!

By Blogger MSM, at 4:14 PM, February 16, 2009  

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