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Thursday, January 29, 2009

For TIMHT I offer this piece of Fine Art

Sometime in grade school, I molded this little dog out of clay and painted it. Like the scratches I added to the ear for effect? Like that it is blue? Yeah, me too!

My mom dug this out of the attic a few years ago and I have it sitting here in my bedroom. Overlook the dust on it's back and paws(yes those ARE paws!)...that is it's "protective coating"....uh huh! I love this little dog as I always have loved messing in clay. There is a story there...more to it for another day....

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Awww, how cute! And I want to hear the rest of the story too. He is so cute. I love that you still have him, and that he has a happy home even now. It seems you have loved animals for a long time!

By Anonymous Susan, at 6:31 AM, January 29, 2009  

The scratches - you are a PRO!

So cool that your mom still had this and now it is part of your home decor.

Did this little pup help motivate you to join TIMHT on THURSDAY - and be the very first participant?? I'm gonna send him a bone!! :)

By Blogger MSM, at 11:47 AM, January 29, 2009  

Love it Love it Love it!! I agree, the dust is a great protective covering. LOL It adds charm don'tcha think?

By Blogger Carol, at 7:31 PM, January 29, 2009  

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