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Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to TIMHT-Friday Style!
Thanks to some crud that my daughter passed along to me and the fact that when an hour or so ago when I wanted to post this my Internet was doing odd things....I am posting this in the wee hours of Friday.
(that and well, I procrastinated as usual)
This week's submission is of one of the things my daughter stuffed in my Christmas Stocking this year. It is a playmobil puppet stage. I have named the little girl Alexis after Jon and Kate plus 8's adorable little girl...since she is holding an "Aldigator"
My daughter, Hannah bought this at the same time she got the now famous
Playmobil Nativity Scene .
This little puppet stage sits here on my desk, making me smile when I look over at her each day.
For more TIMHT fun, roll on over to MSM's blog !

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This is so sweet! (I'm sorry I hadn't checked in before now to see your post.

I like having cute, whimsical, childlike things surrounding me too. :)

By Blogger MSM, at 4:15 PM, January 20, 2009  

Playmobil is great. I dont know if you ever saw this video I did with the kids some time back or not where we used playmobil to make a music video:

By Blogger Muddy, at 6:38 PM, January 22, 2009  

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