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Monday, November 29, 2010

On Thursday-Thanksgiving Day to be exact, my son started warming up some food in the microwave. He came to me and said, "There is a hole in the bottom of the microwave". He said it so calm-like, so nonchalantly that I almost didnt pick up on the importance of what he was trying to tell me-THAT THERE WAS A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE MICROWAVE AND THAT EVERY TIME WE COOKED WE WERE BEING RADIATED!

As the situation became clear to me, I wondered how long the hole has been there. I mean, we live busy lives and something like a hole there could have gone unnoticed for a while.

I counted my toes and was glad to find that I had not grown any new ones, so it probably has not been there for long; but still- RADIATION!

I guess this is where on Thanksgiving we should have given thanks we found it out now rather than when our toenails fell off in a few weeks, but since we were in the midst of the crud/flu of 2010 details have been a bit fuzzy and we probably just went back to sleep a few more hours.

The next day, even though I didnt really feel like it, my husband and I braved the crowds at Sears in search of a microwave. We did at least wait until 5 PM or so-rather than the Black Friday 4 AM crowds.

I had looked around online before we left and determined that the microwave I wanted was a Kenmore based on ratings and reviews. The internet is so handy like that; cutting edge information in seconds right at my fingertips.

If only I had known that just figuring out what I wanted was going to be the easy part; going to the store and dealing with a clueless cashier was a completely different matter. That my friends is a story for later.

The important thing at this moment is that if you are driving by our house and see a microwave by the road, do not pick it up and take it home and use it. Remember, RADIATION is not your friend when it leaks out through a hole in the bottom of your microwave. I'd just keep walking and let that baby sit there for the trash guys to cart off in a few days. You can thank me later. Next time, I promise I'll put something out at the road you can take home if you just forget about this old appliance.

Ahchoo and Amen

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