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Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am not at home today. I am at a temp job, one of the model home jobs. This is the one that I wrote about one time, the one where there was no key, and it was rainy and blah. Today it is sunny...and ta da...the key! The key let me inside to the warmth and my day here began. Last time I was here, the guy said I could come on his computer if I knew anything about computers, but I didnt come...I just sat here reading and eating my cold soup. Today I went to chick-fil-a first and got a biscuit (not on my list) so I could have something warm first, then could have a snack lunch thing later.

Another thing of note, is that I removed comments. Not that many of you that might read my blog will care or notice...but I did it for now anyway. I didnt have them at first, and seemed that once I added them, it was like checking email to see if anyone had left a comment. To me (and mind you this is my running opinion of the moment) the comments were kind of prideful. If what I was wanting was a comment-then I wasnt writing for the right reasons. So decided maybe I'd just add an email address to here instead...that way if you want to talk to me sometime, you can do so via email. I don't want or need comments, I just know how fustrating it is when someone writes something cool, or that touches my heart and I cannot find a way to talk to them in return. So I will add my email to my profile as a curtesy to you the reader..and continue writing as I can. Part of my problem was trying to figure out which email, but then I remembered this one that used to be just for the contests I would enter for graphics, and well since it matches the name of my blog kinda, I will use it. OK now am rambling...I need a life...or perhaps to share somethng else on my mind instead. So happy blogging, email me anytime...just be nice!
Slowly this blog is feeling more like home...and that's nice :)

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