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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

About two months ago-we finally joined the world of cell phones. We never really had a need for one, and well personally I didnt want to be that easy to find(and accessable to others). Through time, however, we thought it might be a good idea to get one in case I got stuck in the car or van while doing phone books or driving up and down the highway to and from church. So we made the plung with a Trackfone...a pay as you go model to see how we liked it and how much we might would use it. They were pretty inexpensive at Wal-Mart, so it made it a bit easier to make the choice as well. Soon, my husband Jay decided he'd like to have one too, so we went ahead and bought him one. Now we had our own little connection through the day.(though we rarely talk-he is at work's just nice knowing he is only a click away if needed) The only people that have my number are Jay, my mother (as I always want her to have a way to us if needed), and the place I do temp work for. Since I pay as I go, it also means I pay if someone calls me. I dont mind the short phone call I might would get from the temp agency asking me for work, especially since I have in the past missed opportunities by not getting back to her soon enough after she left a message on my machine at home. We can unplug our phone at home to sleep later, knowing that the only calls we might get will be from Jay's main job at SPRicchards or from the temp agency, or my mom. All of which are phone calls we do not want to miss. Have I mentioned that I do not like being accessable to many folks? LOL I like being able to talk when I want to talk, and caller ID does not always weed out the calls as we'd like it to. We also can leave the main phone unplugged during school hours. Ahh relief. So all in all we like the experience so far. We also got my mother one for Christmas so that she would have a way to call folks if needed in an emergency. As I did this, they had a promotion where if I refered folks to Tracfone, then they in turn bought one, that I and they would both get 100 minutes of free air time (and also an extension of active service as well). So my husband and my mom were both refered, and we all got extra minutes and active service time as well. It was great. I also have learned how to send text messages which by far use less minutes than a call would-so I've enjoyed that aspect as well. I can send my husband a text messsage and use only.3 units and stay connected. It doesnt cost him anything to receive it.
We figure at this rate, as much as we've enjoyed them, we probably will upgrade at some point and let the kids have these to use as they are out and about in their later teen/early adult years, but for now, I like my little phone and the many ways we've found to use them. I can attest to two jobs I got that I would have missed had I not had the cell phone, and would have been able to make that number 4 had one of the ladies there known I had a cell phone listed (not sure why she didnt see the number that day) and another job that I turned down because it was at the wrong time to be a good job for me.
Yesterday was one of those days. The temp agency called early asking me to fill in for the sales agent of a model. I had a model home job at a community I've been to before. It is a place somewhat near to here, and one I do enjoy. I guess with the holiday, many folks were out looking at homes and communities. It was a busier day than usual. Usually I spend the time reading and snacking or doing some drawing or handiwork, but yesterday I hardly had time to eat lunch and read an article out of a magazine. It was good busy, but I was mighty tired as I returned home.
My husband hurt his foot Monday morning right before time to come home from Wal-Mart. It went through some pallets that they were working with. By last night, when he returned home from SP Richards,, his foot was very swollen. He made the decision to call Wal-Mart and have them go with him to the dr for an X-ray. It was only a sprain, and looks horrible, but at least we know it isnt broken. He should stay off of it, but was going to try to take it easy today and not walk as much (which in his job is almost impossible-it is a very active hands on managerial job). God's blessings though in it not being broken. I am also glad it was easy to convince Jay he should go to the dr.

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They are neat little gadgets...I just wish that not as many people had my number. LOL

By Blogger Steven Swain, at 8:36 PM, January 17, 2006  

I wouldnt have one if it meant everyone had my number. I like my privacy.

By Blogger Muddy, at 10:24 PM, January 17, 2006  

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