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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I was at Barnes and Noble last night and once again ran across these cards (75% off btw..) I finally gave in and bought them as they remind me so much of my brother and myself saving snowballs in the freezer. My brother would even label his with dates. We had a big stand up freezer in the utility room, so lots of room to do this-and while we were not THIS extream-we did accumulate quite a few. I think he took them out in the summer one year and finally the tradition died...until I had my own kids who did the same thing for a few years at my urging.

i just love this picture...

it could have been me and my brother-or my kids...

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We used to try to save snow too :)

By Blogger Steven Swain, at 9:50 PM, January 27, 2006  

This reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin saved a snowball until summer.... finally took it out and threw it at Susie Derkins...... missed...... she picked it up and hit him with it.

Ok, it was funnier in the comic strip :D I may have to hunt back through our collection.

By Blogger Joel, at 2:13 AM, January 31, 2006  

All us snowball savers are coming out of the freezer it seems...I've heard from several that have said the same thing about having saved snow like this LOL

Joel, I hope you do dig up that Calvin and Hobbes, I'd like to see it.

By Blogger Muddy, at 1:27 AM, February 01, 2006  

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