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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last week, as I mentioned in this post , we were still recovering from a cold that just would not let go. I still feel a bit sniffly...but we are all much better. Had I posted for TIMHT last week, you would have probably seen this collection of characters as my submission: Mucinex, Benedryl, Excedrine and "The Vicks". The submission would have been the dramatic conclusion to the cliffhanger submitted the week before affectionately known as The Vaporizer!

But now, things are better, I can move on and share a real submission (or you can say, you are getting two for the price of one this week)...
This week's submission to TIMHT is a painting I did in High School art class. We had to all draw and paint the same thing...but each collections looked different since we each had a different perspective from our spots in the room. Also, we had to add background. My teacher suggested making mine look like it was a yard sale. She even added the cute chicken there on the bottom for effect and fun for me. I framed this a few years ago. Part of the actual artwork is folded within the frame as the frame was not big enough to highlight the whole piece. It hangs in my kitchen, fitting very well with the rest of my eclectic decor.

For more TIMHT, head over to MSM's blog to check out what others are sharing this week.

4 comment(s):

Wow, you did a very good job on that art work; the colors are great.
It's also probably rare in subject; I don't think I've ever come across any other paintings of garage or yard could actually be on to a new trend...

So glad y'all are over the crud, but I don't mind reading about vaporizers and cold pills!

By Blogger MSM, at 10:51 AM, October 24, 2008  

That's cool. It sounds fun to have gotten to compare everyones art! :D

By Blogger Mary, at 8:20 PM, October 24, 2008  

I love it!!! You did a fabulous job.

By Blogger Carol, at 9:08 PM, October 24, 2008  

Very good job! I really like your work.

Glad your family is feeling better. It sure take longer getting over this stuff these days.

By Blogger Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet, at 11:53 AM, October 27, 2008  

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