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Saturday, December 04, 2010

First things first...

Today, it SNOWED!

Emphasis mine-because I love snow. It's a beautiful snow because it came the day that we had planned to decorate for Christmas. I have never put up our Christmas tree in the snow. What a treat. I am glad that I bought the tree on Thursday night so that we did not have to go get one today in the wet weather.

Bayley would have loved this snow. It wasn't too deep, and would have been the right consistency for him to take a few bites of it as he wandered through the yard admiring God's handiwork. He always loved walking through the snow....and he was missed today as we thought about how much he loved the snow and how much he always loved it when we'd put up the Christmas tree.

We bought him a small blue spruce to place in his garden area where he rests. We figured after all these years he could have one of his own. Pretty cool that the first day thereafter, it snowed on his tree.

This year for Christmas, we went back to our roots, the ball root tree that is. We've skipped two years in doing so, opting to go with an artificial last year and a cut tree the year before. We really wanted a ball root tree this year as that is always what Bayley seemed to enjoy the most. this year, this tree will also be planted out in his garden. I doubt it will survive any better than the other ones, but for a time, it will be there by his side-and that makes us happy.

We usually put up our Christmas stuff during Thanksgiving weekend, but this year everyone was sick. It feels weird that we are now several days into December and just now getting around to starting with decorating. I guess it will balance out when we don't take things down until after Jan 1 as seems to be the case most of the time anymore.

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