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Thursday, July 30, 2009

You know, a blog is a lot like a pile of stuff you need to sort through and organize. You can walk by it a couple of times a day, unfazed. You tell yourself that you need to get to that pile/blog - but you just keep walking because it's easier than dealing with the pile/blog at hand.

I guess this space is my dumping ground of sorts at times, much like a place where I might put papers or things that I need to sort through later. It's a bit of this, a smidge of that and a lot of messy disorganization.

I like to post stuff that made me smile or caused me a bit of silliness in my day. Sometimes it is a place to keep track of my columns or to join in MSM's fun TIMHT as I am able to.

It's not like I am not online-for I am...but my time here is often spent reading more than commenting or writing as you can tell. I enjoy the back and forth between bloggers - I just have a hard time dedicating the time to keep up with everything.

Last year (2008) I tried to write or post something daily for a while. It was fun-but then I saw the "shiny shiny" in the corner over there~~> and became distracted with other things.

This is where I am today, right times I guess I'll write some stuffs here, post some "you tube" (get ready for when I do, because I have saved some real good ones recently I want to share), and type out whatever else seems to be on my mind that day. There is no pattern or reason in it all, just me-finally getting to the pile/blog when I make myself sit long enough to churn out a coherent thought from time to time. (or at least a stream of consciousness of garbled words)

So am here, saying hello. Not going anywhere....just making sure that my blog still knows who I am!

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Thanks for checking in with us...

By Blogger Steven Swain, at 12:35 AM, July 31, 2009  

Hey Steve-good to hear from you. Thank YOU for checking in as well. Now on over to your blog to see what you've been up to!

By Blogger Muddy, at 2:43 AM, July 31, 2009  

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