From The Mud Puddle

Friday, July 29, 2005

You really start feeling old when the music you enjoyed as a youth is now being piped into stores and elevators. Oh I enjoyed it ...but it made me feel very old....

Monday, July 18, 2005

I had seen these bottle cap things in scrapbook stores as well as digital scrapbooking sites. I wanted to try my hand at making a did. I made the pepsi and coke one from scratch (even the wave in the pepsi thing is mine). I made the cheerwine and dr pepper caps from just adding a copy of some wallpaper from their site into a selection.
I also made a blank so that I can use it later adding clever sayings and such as needed. I am trying to learn which resolution I need in order to save these things for the best printing (IE:resolution) Anyway...just another day in the life of...Muddy

Friday, July 15, 2005

I've had this banner thingy over there to the side for a few weeks now. If you havent checked it out, now is a good time. The day is here....let the fun begin! Harvest Crusade and live (and will be archived thereafter).

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've been spending a bit more time in PSP here lately (my graphic program of choice) and having a ball getting into it again. I've dabbled in it for four and a half years now and really enjoy all I can do with it. I enjoy going in and making my own graphics as well as playing with combining the graphics of others at times. This here is one more the ones I did today. I did not make the bow, but everything else is my own work. It started as an idea I saw in a catalog, where I just thought I might play around with making something of my own. The tag behind it was someting I played with doing last week..and well when I made the angel wreath today, they just seemed to go perfectly together.

We've also been watching a lot of TV. Just is hard to get movtivated to do a lot more when it is steaming outside beyond your basic house things. (especially since we are on break with our schooling) Oh to just walk to the car and then inside again is often taking your life into your hands as you try to breath the heavy air. The thunderstorms and needed rain also are great-even though I'd prefer SNOW to what we have now. I long for winter and cooler weather, but know I shouldnt wish my life away. Mama always said not to and I know she is right. So we've watched Little house reruns, Walton's reruns and various DVD shows from blockbuster online. My mind and eyes are slowly glazing over from all this TV. (though the kids are loving it on their "break".

We've also played zoo a lot (meaning my kids and myself) . I havent had a temp job in two weeks, so this time has been fun to just relax and catch up on some other things that we enjoy around here. High on my "to do" list however is to list some things on eBay again, and clean out my cabinets and fridge. Anyone want to come and partake in the fun are invited! ::grinz::
So just checking in, saying hello as I surf around today....making puddles as I go. :)
Take care-

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Link is a few days late perhaps...but thought it was still worth sharing and enjoying.

Monday, July 04, 2005