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Monday, October 31, 2005

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

I saw this on another person's blog.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just some fall artwork I did tonight with colored pencils. Soli Deo Gloria!

Fall Back

Friday, October 28, 2005

I wrote this To Taylor last year. Today, exactly 11 years ago...on a Friday, much like today, we lost Taylor after loosing her two sibblings before birth. October 28th will always be one of those days that marks a time when life forever was changed. There is no way you "get over it", but God does give you grace to move on and to somehow eventually find thankfulness and joy again, not only in life, but in the tragedy as well. What I felt then, is not what I feel now as I think of those three in heaven that had their start in God's mind and then grew inside of me for a short time. I am thankful for all it has meant and means.

Dear God,

Thank you for today, and the memory of my little ones. Thank you that in your wisdom I lived through the physical and emotional experiences and that I have been able to be a mother to Hannah and Christopher here that were born before the nightmares began with the losses. Thank you for Jay and our family here and that you knit us tightly together, the four of us as we wait to be taken there with you and our other three. It is funny when we think of our family, so many see us as a family of four...not really knowing we are truely a family of seven. Thank you that your home is all my little ones have known, that is indeed a blessing beyond what my heart can hold. All glory and honor and praise is yours alone sweet Jesus, Amen

I grew up going to McDonalds. We'd go maybe once a month, sometimes twice. It was a special treat if our parents took us there. Generally it was where we'd go on our way back home from Jackson Springs (near Pinehurst) where my aunt and her family and my grandmother lived. Usually by the time we got back home, it was late and dinnertime and it was easy to talk my parents into stopping to pick up a hamburger and fries. The only downside to all of this was that my brother ONLY liked McDonalds (meaning there really was no trying Burger King or Wendy's unless he wasnt going to be eating with us...a rare occassion) and he only liked PLAIN McDonalds hamburgers. No cheese, no ketchup, nothing. If it had one tiny onion on it, to him, it was ruined. This meant when we went, we had to wait the extra time for them to make his special order of plain hamburgers. He still eats this way from there last I heard.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I ate there. It isnt exactly "health" food, and since I am suppose to be eating healthy, it just is an easy place to skip.

I did appreciate this recent blog mcchronicles though..and reading through it kind of made me want to go to get a McDonald's burger. Just one...I'd probably only make it half way through it anymore..

Icon Story or War Between the Computer Icons

Thursday, October 27, 2005

This is Bill from Art Class. I put the scan of the picture I drew of him in this tag as a frame. Bill is 81 years old, but I dont think he looks 81 in this picture. Maybe I drew an younger version of him. Today's exercise in art class was to draw one another. I dont like drawing people. (I didnt go to last week's class where we were suppose to draw the human head. I just really didnt want to...stubborn me ;) I went today, thought about leaving, but drew this anyway. After we drew Bill, then I became the "model". They drew me. There were only three of us there. I guess the rest of the folks were scared off ...This was our last class. It was a fun class. The End :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


1. Open a new file in your PC.

2. Name it "Housework."

3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN

4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN

5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"

6. Answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly.... .

7. Feel better?

Monday, October 24, 2005

$100.00 Laptop computer.

I dont know why I even thought of this, after all these years. Today is the birthday of my best friend from first and second (and probably third) grades. She was only a week and a day older than me. I remember going to her birthday party in first grade. Many other girls from that class were there. Likewise, a week later they came to my party. What fun! Her name was Lesley. I have no idea where she is today or what she is doing. (though, I think I saw her marriage announcement many years ago, if it was indeeed her) Somewhere after third or fourth grade we sort of grew apart and I never saw her again. We now deliver phone books on the street she lived. I still remember that house (though it is very different looking now from then). We alternated riding the school bus home with each other here and there for play dates. Our moms would pick us up later in the afternoon. We got in so much trouble talking when we should have been doing our schoolwork at school in second grade and we couldnt quit giggling. It probably was the only year I got called down by the teacher consistantly. I also remember one time when we got caught out of our seats when we were suppose to be "resting" . After lunch, the teacher would go to the lounge, leaving us students in the class alone. During this time on many days, us students left behind would go behind the blackboard where the cubbies were. The blackboard stood on metal polls with an open spot underneath. We would grab hold of the chalk holder of the blackboard fling ourselves forward. We'd all run around in circles again and again, squealing in delight. As we heard the teacher coming in, we'd all run to our seats and pretend we had been resting the whole time. Well this one particular day, my friend and I didnt make it back to our seats in time and so as our punishment, we had to fling ourselves again and again from behind the blackboard. I guess the teacher thought it would tire us out, but all it did was give us more time to play. LOL Poor Mrs Draughn of second grade!
So for some reason, perhaps a God reason, she came to mind today. Happy Birthday Lesley wherever you are.

Friday, we started hearing a squeak in the car. Something new...yet something we thought we had heard before. So today, the car is at the shop. We think it is breaks, but he is checking out some of the belts to make sure all is well in case we go out of town next week when my husband has the week off.
So on the way to the shop, we pass by this house where the man was getting rid of some old things from his house. I didn't have time to stop then, but on the way back home in the van, I got my husband to stop so I could look at this drop leaf table that was there. I don't really know how good of condition it "really" is in, but it looks pretty good and solid. It needs to be cleaned in the very least...and have a leg or two repaired (though not having those legs do not compromise it's integrity). It probably would be neat to refinish, but I don't know a lot about that sort of thing. I have no idea what I'll do with it if I do fix it up...but it was just neat looking and might make a nice project here sometime. We'll see.
He also had a dryer like ours (though his was a gas dryer). Ours has a squeaky belt that needs to be replaced...but so far we are just enduring the awful sound until the day my husband has time to look at it. The thought did cross my mind that it might would be nice to have the dryer for "parts"...but that seemed like more fun than we wanted to have at the where would we put this extra dryer until we have time to tear it apart?
(oh that's right..I live in the south...I could have just put it on my front porch without it looking odd ;)

Friday, October 21, 2005

OK these two pictures gave us a good laugh the past day or so. Christopher brought them too me... They were in his ABeka Science book. (8th grade)
The first one had one sentence that talked about "In this instance, you do not have to overcome the pull of gravity...." to which Hannah added, "until you get to the edge of the table and the dog is drug off" :D

The second...well I think it speaks for itself. It was giving instruction as to what made good conductors and bad conductors and in this case the silicone plastic sheet is a bad conductor (thankfully)...but what an example!! LOL

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have always been facinated by watching homes being remodeled. I remember my husband and kids and myself all gathered on the couch watching this old house. It was interesting to see what could be done in so many creative ways. With that thought, I've been enjoying this web page where an aquantance shares her remodel project of her home.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My dog Bayley and his tinkle ball. Be sure to click and then increase the size of the picture to read the text with the layout.

I didn't go to art class last week. I had a cold develop after the last class and well, had the opportunity to work a temp job @ a model home-so did that instead of going to my class.(especially since I wasnt sure if I could concentrate...I was at the beginning of a sinus infection by then) It was suppose to be a class in pen and ink.

So here, two weeks later, I went to class and we drew floral arrangements. This was the first one I did. It was done small-on a small pad. The instructor said "make the next one bigger"...and so the next one was done on newsprint..much larger. I think I enjoyed this first one more...and was happier with the results. I kept wishing I had my colored pencils with me to add the color to it.

The instructor looked at this one and started talking about how I could take this one to a printer and have it printed off into note cards....I then told him I already did that on my own with different art things I do, on my own computer. He said "really? wow". Anyway...just another day with some pencils and paper...Glory is always God's for any good done.

Flowers...part 2

I wasnt as crazy about this one...but here it is anyhow..