From The Mud Puddle

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Price Is Right

Kind of sad to see Bob Barker leave the show after all these years.(but of course, we understand-goodness has it been that long since he started hosting it?) I was a little kid when it started and remember all the times watching it then.(I probably was snapping green beans or shelling peas or butter beans if during the summer while watching it with my mom, brother and sister) My daughter learned her numbers from that show...when she was 3 and has always loved it. She learned about "new cars to take home to ride", luggage (as opposed to just plain 'ol suit cases) and living room "groups" . My son, at two finally figured out how to say his name...kind I heard him yell "topher deedle down!" while sitting on the couch. He wanted his name to be called so he could play. Good memories. I watched the show last night and hopefully will find time to either tape or watch the memory show tonight.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007