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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My son took this picture this afternoon. Love the motion shot here.
God bless and take care this Christmas Day-2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

I''ve never participated in one of these things, but stumbled on it on a blog linked from another blog. I thought it might be fun to contribute my own "open house" to the list.

So welcome!!

Even our dog, Bayley welcomes you inside-

No tour of our Christmas House could be started without pointing out some of my favorite ornaments, in particular, this one. My husband and I were married 21 years ago yesterday. We honeymooned at Edisto Beach in SC. While down there, we visited a little gallery on it's last day of being opened for the season. We looked around and talked to the owner. Most of the things there were out of our price range, but we found this little ornament and thought it would make a fine memento of our time there and of this gracious shop owner. We brought it to him and watched as he wrapped it in paper for us. He handed it to us without charge. He wanted us to have it as a Wedding present/Christmas gift. We didn't even know this man-but we think of him and his kindness that day as we hang this ornament on our tree. It is probably my most treasured ornament we hang.

My husband's pet name for me is "sugar nut"...About five or six years after we had been married, my husband brought me this ornament he found. It was called the Nut House. I guess that is me standing by the front door. LOL

We have a tradition where we give our kids an ornament a year in hopes that when they move away from home, they will take with them a small box of starter ornaments from their own childhoods. These have varied each year depending on what seemed significant that year.

Well, in 1993 and 1994 a few years into this tradition with our two kids, we lost three babies within 14 months. It was important for me to acknowledge these children of mine that were tucked away in the arms of Jesus in various ways. One way that we acknowledged them was by giving them each an ornament that would go on our tree. The first ornament belongs to Grace, the second to Malea and the Third to Taylor.

Also, Seems, ever since I was a little girl-long long (LOOOOONG) ago, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts have been a part of my Christmas morning tradition. I love the little ornaments they came out with last year and this year.

What would Christmas morning be without some hot and now? What would Christmas morning be without some Krispy Kreme?

unyummy-that's what!!

I also love snowflakes, snow, snow and more snow. I live in NC, so we usually dont get a white I add snowflake ornaments to my tree. The first one is one I found in the mountains of NC when my husband and I were dating. The second one is one that I found a few years ago. It has a jingle bell in it. I also love Jingle bells. What a great combination, snowflakes and Jinglebells!!

Oh yes...side note, this is a live, ball root tree. We'll plant it in the yard somewhere between January and March and then proceed to watch it die before August. Also note the little kitty metal ornament there. The lady that lived across the street from me growing up gave me that ornament the year I got married. Her name was Alma. She died the very next March.

I learned to make plastic canvas ornaments when I was 17 from an aunt of mine. I still have the ones I made that year. This is just one of 'em.

My maternal grandmother loved to crochet. These ornaments were made by her. (made for me when I was 17)

Now for a few other things that I like to sit around the house at Christmastime.

First off is the nesting Santa and the Christmas tree coaster. My sister gave me the nesting Santa one year and I made the Christmas tree coaster set. I actually made a set for all of my friends and family that year. I had a little assembly line going for a few days that year.

My friend, Karyn gave me this Noel wall hanging one year. It always amazes me the amount of years we've hung it here...and then because it blends so well-we forget to pack it up with the rest of our Christmas stuff and it has to live in a regular closet for a few months until we go back to the attic. You also might see some little glass hearts hanging there too. Those were the memento ornaments that we were given at a special SHARE comfort memorial the three years we went that was held at the hospital for those who had lost babies as we did.

Below are two nativity scenes we have. One of them (the glass ball ornament) was given to me by my sister. The other was one I bought before the kids were born. I has a music box that plays away in the manager. When my kids were younger, they would surround these pieces with some of their fisher price plastic animals. It was precious. My daughter always thinks it is fun to put the one lamb up on the side near the ceiling. I guess she always thought it was the loft LOL

I made these noel blocks at MOPS one year when we were attending. My kids think it is funny to spell other things with the blocks to see how long it takes for me to discover they have been switched around. It is nothing for me to come into the living room and see my Noel blocks saying Leon or Elon. (Elon University is near us, and Leon was a character on the show puzzle place that my kids enjoyed watching once upon a time on PBS)

Last one for now. Below is a snowman (remember, I love snow) sitting in my little sunday school chair from the church I went to as a child. (and was married in) The church was getting rid of these chairs and giving them to anyone interested. My mom thought I might like to have one (and I did) and so here my snowman sits holding a sunday school craft my daughter made several years ago around christmastime on my sunday school chair. (somehow that sounds like some really bad grammar-but oh well)

Thanks for visiting my home . For more open houses be sure to visit BooMama's

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy 21st Anniversary to my husband, Jay!
I love you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I need to post here it is.