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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I thought about just saving this photo for THIS Thursday's TIMHT, but in reality, I had it ready to go for LAST Thursday's (yes-really) . I just never got around to posting it.
For TIMHT-I am sharing some of the recent things I've bought for free. These are just a few of the FREE items of late. I guess to say that I have "bought" them and then to say they are "free" is contradictory-but since I still had to PAY sales tax on the items-I think it is correct to say I BOUGHT them for free?!
Anyhow...with coupons matched with sales...this is just a part of what has covered my kitchen counters lately-
I honestly have no plans for the Hot sauce-though my husband assures me he knows of someone that would love to have it if he decides not to try it (he is much more brave than I). My mother also uses prizes for the games they play at their senior gatherings at church each month-so she might get some since she indicated that she needed some "men" prizes if I came across something good. Ha!
Paper plates were from Food Lion with coupons matched with a sale.
Free is fun....time consuming some weeks-but very rewarding when you see the benefits in both your kitchen and wallet in the big picture.
I am still working on getting everything stored efficiently. My husband loves coming home to see what "deals" I've scored that day...and enjoys it even more when he comes with me.
Oh and the barbecue sauce (who hasn't bought some free sauce the past few weeks?), that is just a third of what I've stored away and given away...Harris Teeter did good on their recent "buy two get three" deal when combined with awesome coupons!

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Why Do My Gray Strands Bother Me

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monday a lot of the news on the couponing sites had to do with these really good Kraft Foods Coupons . I printed and printed...and printed, ending up with a nice stack of coupons to use over the next few weeks as I shopped.

I started cutting them out with scissors, slowly, meticulously...until my daughter said, "Why don't you use your paper cutter thing".

What a great idea, I thought. I pulled the paper cutter thing out of the filing cabinet where it lives and began to cut. Originally this was bought for scrapbooking, but apparently it now will double as a coupon cutter, saving me tons of time.

I cut and cut and cut-ending up with a nice stack of coupons to use on food we buy over the next few weeks.

Likewise I also ended up with paper strips an inch wide.

The first thing that came to mind to do with the paper strips was...can you guess?

It was to make a paper chain-of course!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

List of Family's Food Disasters Still Grows

Friday, May 08, 2009

This week for MommySweetMom's TIMHT, I present the Brother Advanced Deluxe Labeler Model PT-1880 P-touch system (for home and office).

In other words, I present my newest toy.

I went to Staples to buy the Casio Labeler that they had for sale for $20 that had a rebate for $20. Free appeals to me. I got there and asked where the labelers that were on sale were. The salesman grabbed one off the pegs and handed it to me. I did not have the sale's ad with me and did not check to make sure it was the one with the rebate. I paid my $20 bucks and went home. As I poked around the Internet trying to figure out where the rebate was since the sales guy did not give me one, I came to realize that I did not get the eventual free one after rebate. I got another one that was for the same price. Mine had an instant rebate taking the price from $50 to $20.

I knew that somewhere this sales guy-a young guy that did not seem to have the ability to listen to what any customer had to say after some long observations (made when the power went out for 20 minutes during a downpour). The salesperson seemed to think he knew what we were going to ask or say and tuned out anything we said beyond what he wanted to hear. I sat here...sad to find I did not have the right labeler to get the free one...but likewise finding myself sold more and more on this one in particular the more I looked into it's superior qualities.

It was too late to take it back that day (and a 30 minute drive in the rain at that) . I called my husband, who is in the wholesale office supply business, to ask him some questions about my new problem that would not have been a problem had they given me the RIGHT LABELER!!!


Anyhow, he informed me that I had the better labeler between the of their "best sellers" at that and encouraged me to just keep what I had since I in reality got a $30 dollar savings rather than the $20. (But Freeeeeee is Freeeeee I kept thinking)

I decided to just open it up and keep it. I placed the batteries in the back and loaded the label tape. It did not work.

I checked to make sure I had the batteries in right. It did not work.

I checked to make sure I had fresh batteries. It did not work.

I plugged it into the wall with an adapter. IT DID NOT WORK!!!


I shoved it all back into the packaging and into the bag with the receipt. Frustrated, I knew I'd have to make another trip to Staples the next day. Oh joy!

At this point I rethought the whole thing and debated the two different labeler machines. I compared the features online and thought and thought some more.

Thankful that this was my biggest problem for the day, I went to bed indecicive about which labeler, if any, should come home with me the next day-provided the Staples I went to would have options.

I ended up doing an even exchange. With all that this one can do, all the neato features, I think it will service us well as we try to things. It really is a neat machine-something I have had on my "wish list" for several years since using one.

The only thing that really bugs me in this is that the original sales guy sold me the wrong thing. I do not know if it was ignorance on his part (not knowing what I was asking for) or if they did not have the special ones or what. When I went to exchange the one, I did not even see the special ones on the shelves or a regular place for them on the shelf. I am guessing it is something you had to ask for by pointing at the picture in the sale paper or something and they would get it from the back or something. I kind of feel "had" a little bit-but am happy with my new machine. I did not put out MORE money than I would have for the other one initially-I just am not getting any back.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Mother's Loss Can Be A Bridge To Strong Faith