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Monday, August 17, 2009

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two weeks ago, on August 2nd-We celebrated this:

Hannah was so tiny to us when she was born, so fragile. We asked ourselves, "now what" when we arrived home from the hospital.
We enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of taking care of a little baby, totally dependant on her parents for care. She arrived home in this little yellow elephant outfit-bought just in case she was a boy-or just in case she was a girl. We wanted something that could go for either. It had cute little knit pants with smaller elephants crawling all over them.
We affectionately called her chicken head, because of the hair of hers that stuck up on top. She found comfort in her "binky", the pink passy that we bought on a whim as we were trying various kinds.

I loved this little outfit she is wearing below. We called it her pebbles outfit since she looked like pebbles in the Flinstones. We teased that we could have taken some of that stick up hair and wrapped it around a bone just like pebbles. :)

She was quickly introduced to Scotty-the dog we had at the time. The first meeting did not go very well with Hannah, though Scotty seemed to enjoy the photo completely!(I must have been holding a cookie!)

Later on, we tried again....

and again....

They seemed to warm up to one another least until she invaded Scotty's space.
I could do a whole series of photos dictating the Scotty/Hannah relationship.

From the very start, Hannah loved books-something that is still very true today. She would listen intently to the sound of our voice, and eventually tried her hand at making sounds-VERY loudly I might add...

She even practiced her rolling over skills as she took in a good book. Apparently she was a multi-tasker even at that early age.

We wrapped her in a "pea-pod" as we got her ready for bed for naps and night. This was before the "Back to sleep" campaigns that started in 1992 (or there abouts)..In this top photo she is laying on a spare bed in her room that is covered in an old bed spread of mine (can you say early 1970's?) I still have it somewhere around's loud and bright-and it had curtains to match-but I loved it.
After the pea-pod roll, we would lay her on her tummy and tuck another blanket on top of her-tucking her in nice and tight. I cringe looking at these knowing the prevailing advice today. We did it to keep her still-from rolling over and waking up-at least for a few months. It worked-but and learn huh?
Her daddy and I love her to pieces, even to this day...
She was for the most part, a very happy baby-easy going....happy just be a baby.

She did have her moments though...

Don't we all?
She traveled well..

And made friends easily...

Eventually she learned to walk, and strutted her stuff around the townhouse we lived at that time..

Before we knew it , her first year had come and gone...and we were celebrating her first birthday...

Likewise, 19 years have also passed in a we celebrated her 19th birthday two weekends ago. Happy birthday make me feel old! Ha!

Friday, August 07, 2009

I've been doing Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars for a year now. I havent really said anything (though did have a referal button for a short time in my sidebar for a short time) . I guess I wanted to make sure the money I earned was "real" before encouraging others to go check it out via a link.

Back in April, I got my first check from Inbox Dollars, and then today got my first one from Send Earnings. It's not a huge amount of money, but it's something. Some was made reading emails, other parts of it was doing an offer or two for things we were looking to do anyway. Still other parts of it was made when I did a couple of surveys for them. No one will "get rich" doing this-or be able to quit their job to stay home, but it's money still the same....and who doesn't like getting a check in the mail now and again?

So in case you are interested, I'm putting my referal banners in the side bar in case you'd like to check it out. No obligation or pressure-just there with the above explaination of what it is if you're interested. Otherwise, carry on...and thanks for visiting my little part of the internet!