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Friday, February 25, 2005

So where did I go the couple of you that check by here regular might have asked (or not ;)...
Well a few things happened on the way to my blog...
1. My computer decided last week to not acknowledge my cable modem anymore (for now) I do have dial up via AOL, but for the most part I am spoiled-and until I get a new computer (which hopefully will be soon), I am having to limit how much I am here...takes Wayyy too long to get anywhere on the web with dial up (compared to what I knew lol) I am thankful , however, for dial up. Without it, I wouldnt be here at all.
2. I am an AOL HOST-and there were some changes in what I was doing-so trying to catch up and sort through all the information there. Talk about long threads! :)
3. I've had a cold...aaachoooo....that started last friday night. I am getting over it...but still feel pretty wiped out energy wise.
4. DVD player and lots of Movies and Dr quinn to keep us occupied in our down time after school. For some reason , ever since I was little, watching tv was always the only thing I wanted to do when feeling sicky. LOL
that is most of it....more later...and come on...if you visit here....say hello....I'd like to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I like this quote from Greg Laurie's ( January newsletter:

"I have often said that a good test of where we are spiritually is our reaction when we hear someone say that Jesus is coming back again. True believerswho are walking closely with the Lord will feel their hearts jump a little bit at these words"

"All right, but I've heard a lot of talk about Jesus Christ as a man. How can he be a man and God at the same time?"

Murphy laughed. " A lot of people smarter than me have wrestled with that one over the last couple thousand years, but let me give it a try. How's your Shakespeare?"

"I read some stuff in college. But I don't remember a whole lot , to be honest."

Murphy laughed. "Me neither. But you remember who Macbeth is?"

"Sure. The Scottish guy. Had a doozy of a wife."

"See, you remember more than you think. Anyway, could the character Macbeth ever meet the author Shakespeare in person?"

Baines looked confused. " I would say no."

"Ah, but he could meet him." Murphy went on."Shakespeare could write himself into the play as a character named Shakespeare and introduce himself to Macbeth."

"I guess."

"Well, that's what God did. He is the author of the universe. He wrote Himself into the play of life in the bodily form of Jesus Christ. God took on the form of a man. Jesus even said, "I and the Father are one."

~The Secret on Ararat
Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips
My husband is reading this book right now and read this part to me earlier in the day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Drew these up to match the hat to have a complete set..... Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005

This year has been one of many challenges and adventures. It has been a year where God so graciously taught us new ways to depend on Him, and that He WILL provide and knows when our power bill IS due. Provision didn't always happen how I thought was best, but what he thought was better (to borrow a phrase from a Watermark song)...

I ran across this poem today by Ruth Bell Graham...thought it was worth sharing.

is always provision for a need:
or some future of our own-
unrealized, perhaps;
The seven years of famine
that would come.
when a winter promises to be severe,
nature generously provides
for little friends;
and sensing
in her lavish spread
a hint of coming wantk,
the ants
and squirrels are busy
and so am I.
I have been
so generously provided for
in happiness,
good memories,
and true friends,
and more than all-
His presence and His word;
perhaps it is a "sign,"
as mountain people say,
that winter is to be a tough one,
If that is so,
let it be;
my larders are well stocked.

from the book
-Sitting by my laughing fire...

Monday, February 07, 2005

I have always loved paints and colors and papers of many shades. I have always enjoyed as I've stated getting messy as I created my "master pieces". The picture above was taken sometime around my seventh birthday. This was one of my absolutely most favorite pastimes. I could have spent hours (and did many days) just painting what I knew. I loved mixing colors to get new colors and the way that it made the glass of water look when I rinsed out my brushes. I must admit though, that I still enjoy all these things. Though pencils, pens, colored pencils and PSP seem to be my current choosen outlets for this artistic creativity, paint will always be the messy fun just waiting for me when I have the time. How one color compliments another, though very different from one another facinates me. How colors can be hot or cold and lend a tone, a melody that you feel the passion in the art inspires me. How can it be that purple looks good with yellow? How is it that blue is a great compliment to orange? I do not know, but I do enjoy mixing up the colors and blending shades.

I find that often I want to play it safe where color is concerned. I am careful to make sure that everything matches or that everything is not clashing. But mostly, I notice the beauty that occurs when two colors are matched. Both colors could stand on their own, both colors could be mixed to make a new color (careful though or everything turns brown lol), but the beauty occurs because both colors look even more beautiful beside another. Somehow completed, somehow enhanced because the two build up one another. I was thinking about this some as I made up my bed. I recently started laying a new (and different) throw on the end of the bed after it is made. It is a different color than the "safe" beige blanket that was there. This one is blue, and as I looked at it next to the quilt already there, I started seeing things in the quilt I had not, for it pulled out more of the beauty in the quilt...Side by side both made a good pair.

I think Christians are a lot like this. No , we are not all alike, nor do we always seem "complimentary", but we do often pull out the good in one another as we stand side by side. I believe the real word is edification, and the artist is God through His Holy Spirit, as He paints our lives together.
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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Made some new fleece hats for my kids and husband this week. I had made some about six or seven years ago. The following year I made about 20 or so for friends kids, nieces and nephews. It was lots of fun. I kept intending to go back to this pattern again and make some more, but just never did until recently. The hat above is one I drew that shows what they are like, and is in the colors of the one I did for my daughter and myself. My husband got a black and blue checked one, my son desired a plain black/grey one.
I also picked up crocheting again, in order to teach my daughter. Now I am not that good in the least. My grandmother and mother taught me basics, but I always got mad when they would rip out my hard work making me do it again unto perfection...sighz. I crocheted a bit several years ago when the kids were smaller...but only got as far as a hat that was too big for Hannah (that my mom wanted very much-perhaps because I finally finished a crochet something -despite its imperfections I DIDN'T pull out ), and a hat that was just right for her baby doll. Not sure what happened after that, but I am sure it had something to do with the busy life of having two preschoolers, and all that entails. My creative outlets happened in bursts at that time, then slowly fanned out as time got short, or distractions abounded. As long as I can remember though, I have always been dabbling in something. It sort of reminded me somewhat of the Amy Grant Song found on the CD Heart in Motion-
The sun comes up-breakfast show
Can't you see me running, It's crazy don't you know?
The moon is high, I'm working through the night
Will somebody tell me where all the hours go?
Well it doesn't stop no its never going to stop
Why do I have to wear so many things on my head?
One day I'm a mother, One day I'm a lover, What am I supposed to do?
Working for a livin' all because I'm driven to be the very best for you.
The water is hot. The phone don't stop
So how do I manage to hold on to my sanity?
The red dress on, time for having fun.
But can I really be this girl you thinkn you see in me?
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Why do I have to wear so many things on my head?
One day I'm a mother, one day I'm a lover. What am I suppose to do?
Working for a livin' all because I'm driven to be the very best for you
One day I'm a mother, one day I'm a lover. What am I suppose to do?
Working for a living. All because I'm driven to be the very best for you
This may be a dream come true. This may be poetry in motion.
This may be a dream come true, but when it all come down
It's an awful lot to do!
Found myself singing it in my head as I sewed...revisiting a fun song from many years ago!
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

I remember finding this site listed in a computer magazine shortly after getting this computer several years ago. Fun freebie, with lots of desktop posibilities you can change and update according to your tastes.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Well I actually finally have one completed offer towards an iPod showing up on my status. I have two others apparently still working on offers, and two others that said that they went through my link and that I should have got credit for, but never did. So I still need 4 more complete find iPod joy.... ::insert laugh:: ...::and a please::