From The Mud Puddle

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just another note, that deserved it's own post. Today my father would have turned 75. It's amazing how much time has pasted since he died in 1988 and now. It's amazing to see the changes, not just in the world, but in myself, my family(I didnt even have kids at the time he died). There is not sadness really in the remembering as I know where he is and that I will see him again one day in heaven...It's more just the marking of time, the pondering of his life and honoring his memory. Happy Birthday Daddy. I love you.

It's interesting to look at this blog at this moment. It really seems to resemble my online life in that I'm here, but not really here writing much at the moment.

When here, it seems that we've caught the game bug. We've tried many games, even joined Real Arcade for the time being. (love getting a new game each month for now) We check game giveaway of the day in case there is something new there. We've used our game pass at real arcade to get stand o'food, belles beauty shop, burger rush, cake mania...and just last week...Big Kahuna Reef 2, chain reaction. I was hesitant to get another "match three" game...but Big Kahuna Reef was different in that there were bombs to help you along your quest as well as the mouse party aspect of it all. Mouse party is where two or more can play the same game at the same time. My kids can play at the same time, or one of them can sit beside me and play along with their own cursor-same screen. We help each other through the levels. This has been insanely fun for all of us. We just happen to have an extra mouse to plug into the usb port.

We took a vacation in June, (yes there are pictures perhaps to share another time) and we also did phone books in May. (no new pictures of that-but you that have followed my blog know the drill)

Schooling also seems to take a good amount of our days, as does normal household things. We've been cleaning out things, rearranging, thinking about what we can sell (yard sale or eBay of course) and painting inside. My mom also has been taping some HGTV for us to watch, which pretty much motivates the rearrange, clean out, paint process even more. Fun to watch it and critique what we like or dont like in what gets done. LOL

So that's my life right now. If I dont post again for a least this one is better than June's LOL Thanks for reading. God bless and take care.