From The Mud Puddle

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This afternoon, after my husband, Jay, brought the mail inside, I noticed that we received THREE identical postcards from the same Gibsonville Alderman candidate running for office. One was addressed to my husband, a registered voter; another was addressed to myself, a registered voter, and lastly one was addressed to my daughter, also a registered voter. Under each name it said, "or current resident".

My first, second and third impression of this local candidate, Ted Barber, was if this is how he handles his campaign monies, there is NO way I would trust him to handle Town of Gibsonville monies. This is wasteful. One postcard to our household would have been sufficient. One postcard to ANY household would have been sufficient (if postcards HAD to be mailed at all). I realize that he probably just gleaned the registered voter database in order to know who to send the postcards to, but it is still irresponsible, wasteful and lazy to not take the time to weed out duplicate addresses in order to save money and resources.

And yes, those postcards are torn in half because after my first, second and third impressions as listed above, my next thought was to tear the postcards in half and throw them away.

Also, and probably more importantly-he takes the exact opposite stance from those I hold on local issues. Like some of his opponents have stated, if you do not have money-you do not spend money.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Dog is a Master Food Snatcher

Friday, October 09, 2009

Back in the summer, I saw where Legos for education was offering a small lego set to encourage educators to help them come up with educational ideas. The insert in the mail says "Are You Lego Smart".
One of the activities was to build a duck using only the red and yellow pieces included in this set. It said that each duck would be different and that it would be interesting to compare them all.
So, curious what we as a family could come up with, I decided we'd try it. My duck turned out like this:

My son, Christopher's looks like it is skimming the waterways:

Bayley was mildly interesting, probably because he thought that the sound of plastic indicated food for him to stare at:

Bored, he laid back down and went back to sleep again:

My daughter, Hannah, took her turn creating the Bunducky-patient pending of course:

My husband's duck, well...I think he has some sort of floatation device to assist him:

It was a fun activity, and sure enough we all created different Lego Ducks out of the pieces. We are not sure what we'll end up submitting for the educational lego thingy-but one thing is for sure...
I have fallen in love with this lime green piece that was in the pack. Who knew that lime green was a color? I didn't know-so if nothing else, this pack of legos taught me that lime green legos exist!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Playing catch-up with posting columns I've done since the last time I've shared.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Earlier this year I posted about the writing on the side of a box from starbucks. Today, my purchases were put inside of a paper handled bag that reads:

You're holding something special,
A tasty treat. A Thoughtful gift.
All inside a handy carrier.
Which becomes a lunch bag, A puppet,
A keep-it-new book cover
A garden tool holder,
A "bring a few CDs over for dinner" carrier.
Unwrapped, it's a sketch pad,
With handles,
So reuse it, Reincarnate it.
Re-imagine it.
And when it's served its
every purpose,
recycle it.

Love the creativity of these wrappings-keep it coming Starbucks!