From The Mud Puddle

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today, as I was running errands, I went into a thrift store that is across town that I do not usually get to because it is just so far out of my usual path.
While there, I found this Ravensberger Puzzle Ball for $3 in their stack of puzzles. It looked like something we might enjoy doing, so I bought it.

My daughter and I opened it and found that the original owner had organized the pieces into ziploc baggies according to what part of the world they belonged to. Since I was unsure how easy doing this puzzle would be-we decided to take advantage of the organization rather than to start with a big pile of pieces.

We started from one of the poles and started building our way up to the middle. The puzzle is numbered on the back of each piece-likewise making it easy to put together (or check yourself if you want to do the puzzle by the picture. I think my daughter and I both decided that our main goal was to get it together-regardless of HOW. (at least for this first effort)

In this last picture, you can see the numbers inside as my daughter, Hannah, holds the puzzle ball up....We are about half way done right now. It is a lot easier than I thought it might be-but then again-there are lots of helps to make sure you get it right.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, with moments to go-I sweep into blogger to try to actually post my TIMHT post on THURSDAY this time. I know-will wonders ever cease?
For this week's submission I offer the neo to go-antibiotic neosporin in a handy little spray thingy:

As you can expect, I had some handy little coupons that I matched up to a nice little sale Walgreens was having a few weeks ago and got a few of these. I've had my eye on them for a while...yet just had not found a good match.
Once I brought it home, I found it fit quite nicely on my coppertone ring-another good deal found at Walmart a few weeks back as well...

A small antidote concerning Neosporin....
Growing up, as we came inside after playing outside, if we found bug bites on our skin (summer+outside+mosquitos=red bug bite welts in me), my mother would say, "go get the bug bite medicine". This medicine had a name-but we did not call it by that-we called it the "bug bite medicine".
Years past and I started working at a local drug store. Low and behold if the stuff we called "bug bite medicine" was really Neosporine. Ha! I had no idea. This was news to me.
Perhaps the fault is in the fact that often the label would rub off the tube back then or that no one in my family called it by it's real name. Regardless, I have never gone back to calling it bug bite medicine as I learned it could be used on so much more than those pesky welts compliments of some naughty bugs!
For more TIMHT -hop over to MSM's blog .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the heads up about a special Always Infinity deal at CVS today (this week?)
She had learned that these pads were ringing up for $4.99 a box (for the larger size) just like the regular pads were. I decided to check it out this afternoon when I ran some errands.
I bought 5 boxes of these pads @ $4.99
I used 4 -$4 off coupons and 1-$1 off coupon
I had $6 in ECB's left to apply to this order and another $3.15 on a gift card
leaving me with a total out of pocket expense of .08 cents.

.08 cents!!

It was an amazing deal to add to this week's persuit of the big savings !
Fun stuff to watch your bill drop as you check out. I love the reactions between the cashiers/managers and other shoppers as I stand in line. Lots of fun.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's hard to know where to pick up and begin to post after a few weeks of not writing here. It seems June hit and time has just been consumed with so many other things.
The first week, my husband had off from work. It was a nice simple stay-at-home week where we lived unstructured lives for those few days. We did some projects around the house, went out to eat some and ran some errands. The main accomplishment was that we all had a good chance to reconnect with one another (kids took off from their pt time jobs as well)
After everyone went back to work, life just seemed even more busy than it was beforehand. I guess I had several things that I put off until after vacation week that now needed to be taken care of once we were back to normal (whatever that is anymore) I cannot even think to everything that I did, but I know I've stayed busy most every day since.
While I have not written anything here, I have submitted stories for my column. Here below are the links to those:
Value of Doodling Revealed
Comfort Turns To Love For Baby
Easy Rebate Not So Easy
Dollhouse Made With Heart
Some of the stories touch on things I've already wrote about here on my blog. Other things are new. the dollhouse room was pink and green on alternating walls at the time this photo was made. I inherited this special room from my older sister when she moved out of the house. When I was 17, four years after this picture was taken, the room was painted a nice shade of yellow-the color it is still today.
My son also turned 17 Thursday of this week. Happy Birthday Christopher! Mama loves you dearly. You make me laugh on a regular basis and I marvel at your deep thoughts and ability to solve technical and logic problems with ease.
May God bless you as you grow in His grace and wisdom.
Oh and the picture at the top? I found that in the catalog from my husband's work as it introduced the post it note section. I kind of feel that way most days right now.
I make no promises, but hopefully I'll be back sooner (than later) with less time span in between posts. Y'all be good-
God bless and take care!