From The Mud Puddle

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the end of the month, and here I am-finally. Rather than point out the obvious(again and again) that I have not posting much lately and why, I'll just begin.

November started with my birthday on the first. It was my 43rd and yes, I feel 43 most days. It was a good day, spent simply in the company of my husband, kids and dog. We went out to eat and I was given a sewing machine to replace the really old one I had that just quit about a year or so ago.

My husband was also on vacation the first week of November, which was really nice. We contemplated going off-just the two of us without kids, but in the end, we decided to clean out closets instead. I do not think the trade off was equal, but it did feel good to purge some things that we really should have gotten rid of years ago. We also spent a fair amount of time going out to eat and watching TV...just enjoying the days spent together.

The second week of November, my husband came down with the flu. Going to the dr, it was determined that he had the regular flu, not the H1N1 variety since he did not have the symptomatic severe sore throat in his list of ailments. He spent a week in bed recovering.

The third week of November was relatively quiet compared to the first half of the month. I started the week out by getting a much needed haircut. Amazing how a fresh haircut can make you feel. I always dread getting my hair cut-but am always glad I did.

The fourth week of November started with a bang as my husband had an accident on the way to work. He ran off the road and then overcompensated as he came back onto the road, landing his van into a tree. We were thankful that he was OK, that the van, while hurt was still drivable once it was pulled out of the ditch and that no one else got hurt and no property damage was done. As the officer that helped my husband out during the incident said, we were indeed blessed.

So, instantly, my days got a lot busier with an extra person to drop off somewhere. It will be a crazy couple of weeks as we attempt to get everywhere where they need to go and picked up again when it's time to return home. Our auto guy is looking for the fender he needs to make the necessary repairs.

Thanksgiving included praises to God none of this was worse.

I am amazed we are now at the end of November, as it seems to have just flown by in a flash. We spent the weekend decorating our tree and house, adding a few new things while incorporating some of the old. I found an artificial tree for a really good price at one of the black friday sales (yes I was one of the crazy ones out there for the first time in MANY MANY years)-but am somewhat mourning not having a live one...especially not having a live ball root tree as we've enjoyed in the recent past. There is just something special about having a live tree-but there is also a plus in having an artificial one that can be put up when you are ready-without having to wait until the tree lot gets in a tree to your liking. Pros and Cons-what would life be without them? :)

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