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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

We have heard the phrase, "If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"
I have medium length hair. I brush it as we get closer to church. Usually several pieces end up on my shirt. I try to clean them off, but sometimes I do not see all of them until I am in church. A week or so ago, as I was pulling a remaining piece off of my shirt and laying it in the floor, the thought came to me...if I needed to prove I was at church for some reason that night, the proof would be in the DNA I just dropped in the floor in way of hair. (not that I need proofs....just was a thought) Anyway-Just made me think of the above phrase....and I also thought of this verse found in Luke 4:16,
He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath Day, He went into the synagogue, as was His custom, and He stood up to read.
Did you catch that? This verse struck me a bit over a year ago, as I noticed that it said that it was Jesus custom to go to church. Is it mine? Is it yours? Hopefully the answer is always yes. If Jesus kept his custom of going to church, after being "brought up", then shouldnt we? Is there enough DNA evidence laying in the carpet and seats of your church to prove you have a custom of being there?
Oh this isnt to be some legalistic twisting of scripture, where if I dont go to church, Im headed straight to Hell. But as we look to follow Jesus, being his disciples, we also have to look at the things that were important to Him, His customs and habits. What were the things that Jesus prioritized in His life. This verse has the statement that shows one of them, going to the synagogue was a part of what Jesus did regularly. Apparently it was something that impacted the first believers as well. Acts 2:46 states in the first part,
Everyday they continued to meet together in the temple courts.
Seems a lot of people skip that part as they start talking about the first Christians. They miss the part that they meet in the temple courts in addition to breaking bread in each other's homes. I find this tremendously encouraging.
So on this Saturday night, prepare your heart, mind and soul to go to church tomorrow. Let God use the gift He has given you to encourage and build up your fellow brother and sister in Christ. Join them in praise...because this is your custom too. And if it isnt, then I encourage you to make it your new custom, as you grow deeper as a disciple of Jesus.
God bless!

Friday, November 26, 2004

All In A Day
Im waiting on my blanket to get dry, then Im off to bed. Its a bit early for me, but Im tired. No, I didnt do the shopping thing. I wouldnt dare....especially with my own Christmas thoughts of late.(another blog, another time perhaps) I worked another model home temporary job. I go back tomorrow. Either my husband or myself go back on Sunday. He worked today at one too (he was off from his regular full time job) He works tomorrow at another. He is at walmart now, and says he is fine, yeah right. I know he is tired, but its hard to pass up jobs like this when offered....especially with bills, and the holidays coming. He took a tiny nap this morning (after fending off the crazy folks at walmart that showed up at 2 am for the 6 am specials ::eye roll::) and another tiny nap after getting home again. Repeat the same tomorrow. He did get to catch up on some reading though, which made him happy. How many jobs can you do where you can catch up on reading, cross stitch, sewing etc, while getting paid? I worked a pretty nice place today. Lots of traffic (which is unusual for a holiday supposedly...the agent said it would be very slow...boy was she wrong ! LOL) That is good though, kept me busy, with people, and in between did some projects I tucked in my bag. I did at least have a microwave this time (though came prepared with my tea kettle to at least heat water if I needed to!)
So why am I waiting on my blanket to dry...why was it washed? Sighz, its all our dog's fault. Somehow our bedroom door isnt shutting and staying shut as it used to. We shut doors when we all leave the house to keep him out of our bedrooms. Kids went to my moms for a visit and to help her do some things. While we were all away, Bayley got in my bedroom , and decided to take my blanket and make it his bed for the day. BAD DOG! So Im washing it ....its the main one that I pull up around me at night....and dog is the last thing that I need to smell on that blanket! We need to do something about that dog!
Yesterday was a good day-nice Thanksgiving day for us here. It was a quiet day with just my husband and the two kids and of course the dog. We cooked a turkey breast, and kept it simple. (long story of why we do Thanksgiving this way) Several years ago, back when the kids were very small (3 and 1) , we had just lost our third child, Grace, before she/he was born. I was not feeling very thankful at that time(as I should have been), but heard of an idea that God set it on my heart to do. For the month of November, for each day leading up to thanksgiving, each of us wrote on some construction paper leaves things we were thankful for. We hung these leaves on a branch set in sand that stayed on our bar in the Kitchen. It was a perfect way for us to refocus, and to see and remember all that we did have that we needed to thank God for. On thanksgiving day, we read all of them, offering up thanks to the Lord for all He had done and for being our God. We did this for a few years...the kids loved it. We didnt have one this year (and havent for many years, though should have probably!) If we had had one, Im sure many of the leaves would have read much like this below....
Am thankful for Our Heavenly Father who has so richly supplied all of our needs, Mostly by giving up His own son, for my salvation and the salvation of the world. Thankful for A husband that loves me, and that works so hard for us in order to be that vessel God can provide through so much of the time. I am thankful for two kids that love the Lord God, and that enjoy homeschooling and are happy and content with what they have and who they are. They are true gems! I am thankful for God, for watching after me when I started having some health problems again this year....and for the drs patience as we pay them all back the bills we added up those two days of tests and consultations. Am thankful it wasnt more, and that it is getting better daily....and under control now with meds (and that the meds are not expensive!) Am thankful for transportation, for our church and church family...and all those whom we consider as friends. I am thankful to be able to look back over this past year, and see how God has pulled us through SO MUCH, and provided. I am thankful to have a roof over my head still and yet, power, phone, and yes...even this silly metal box with wires that is still plugging away, even though it coughs and sputters and acts like it is about to die at times. And thankful to God for work-and for not just work we get paid for...but for things He gives us to do to be busy with, to be needed and useful.
~~Lord of All to Him I raise, this my hymn of grateful praise.....Amen

Friday, November 19, 2004

Some time back, we were in sort of a doggie crisis. It's not totally over, but I think we are winning. During this time, I found this humorously written article about how to deal with an alpha dog. Hold on, let me dig up the link to share with you all.
::Imagine sounds of flipping through virtual paper:::
Ahh here it is,

It sort of goes through steps to retrain your dog , through a sort of boot camp experience for dogs. Dogs, they say, actually dont want to be or become alpha in nature. They want to be dogs, and have to be reminded of this. We became introduced to the concept of an alpha dog while watching Snowdogs, the movie. Anyhow, we kept saying after watching it, that maybe if we just could bite Bayley's ear, then he would understand we are in control. LOL

Anyway, back to the article.... one of the ideas in it is to feed the dog in his we put his food and water in there when we first found the article, to see what would happen.....oh describe what happened in its fullest effect is just not possible...but imagine a big ole furry dog, having a temper tantrum as a two or three year old might. He had an absolute fit! He dug and dug with all his might at the metal flooring of his wire cage, and then bit at the wires. Now its not like he has never been put in there before...he has many times, and until recently slept in there all night as well....He splashed all the water out of his kennel....I stood out in the hall after letting him go at it alone for 15-20(all the while he is having this temper tantrum) ignoring him. I just stood there, and then he saw me and quit. I looked at him with my hands on my hips and just stared him down. I said, now isnt that just went back to my room....and didnt let him out right away...the instructions say to wait until they have calmed down again before letting them out.....he didnt go back to having a fit, so 5 mins later....I went to let him out. he dashed out, and then stopped, ran back into his kennel and grabbed a bite or two of food that he held in his mouth....He dropped that in the living room floor and ate those bites from there....

Well at this point, we realize that he has made "some" progress, but not enough. He still wants to be an alpha dog, not just a dog. He still tries to win his ways, but usually has found that it only wins him some time in his kennel or outside on his chain on the front porch. He spends time in his kennel more once again, (though not at night), and outside more. The main thing that I want to do is to cut his hair. I can do it, I have done it, but at this point, he has become nothing more than an ornery cocker spaniel that growls at us. So much so I wrote this little poem for him:

You woof and you snarl,
you bark and you growl
and think we are to
love you somehow!

The other option is to take him to the vet (can you say cha we spend money we dont have on a dog hair cut and bath?) They cut it in January when he went in for shots. They had to put him to sleep to do so. This all added to the cost of a professional grooming that we no longer could do. We keep trying to come up with a plan to get it done ourselves. Its just silly to spend that kind of money on a dog!

I was sort of contemplating this whole issue of alpha dogs, and Bayley this week. I started thinking about it, and thought, you know, us people are not a lot different. Dont we at times need to be reminded that we are just people, created beings, and God is GOD? Don't we try to scratch and have fits and growl in order to have our way, our will be done....regardless of what our Maker says? I also had to somewhat giggle when I considered the verses where God speaks saying He Is the Alpha and omega. He had to tell us that He alone is the alpha, so we wouldnt forget it. I think we too need reminding from time to time that all we want to be are His children, his people...and we need to let God be GOD in our lives. God alone needs the authority over us, His will over ours, His plans over ours. We just need to learn to relax, and accept His yoke, and His guidance. He alone is Alpha! He alone is the Omega. He alone is God!
Thank you , God, for the humorous reminder this week-that I too need reminding that all I want is to just be your child, not the one in control.

Bayley-He is our 5 and a half year old cocker spaniel. (that's 35 to you and me ;) Here he is posing with a stuffed animal he became quite jealous of. Silly Dog! Posted by Hello

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

What kind of blogger are you?

You know, that sort of is a scary thought! To think that I might be here blogging for the rest of my life! Horrors! ;)

Anyhow, for some reason I have always liked taking these little "tests". Sometimes they are just plain funny in what they say...sometimes they are true, and sometimes way off! Funny thing is, I wonder if in this case, everyone gets the same result because its like some sort of ego stroke to think you are doing something "cool". Is blogging cool? Is it the in thing now, but quickly will fade in time. I wonder how many that blog will eventually just fade into the anonomity of the internet once again. Also interesting, were the questions. How accurate is it when sometimes you have to just pick the "best of" to try to match yourself up with what it's asking. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know, dont take all this seriously! Ahh too many pondering thoughts to be having right before bed! Was fun however, for the few minutes while I wound down from my day. :)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Ever since last year, when my husband was laid off from his brand new job of only 8 weeks, and Wal-Mart became our main means of income, we have both done temp jobs as available. When he started a new job a few weeks ago, he no longer had time to do the temp jobs along with what he did at Wal-Mart (now pt time) and the new job. We are thankful for this new job, curious of how God may use it since it is so different from what we had in mind of where we were headed, curious still if its just more provision in the here and now. Probably a combination of both somehow. We do however still feel very much right where God wants us, so are thankful.
This brings me to yesterday. The temp agency hasn't called in a long while here to offer me anything. I was starting to get a complex almost....and had almost given up trying to call to offer my availability each week. Well just did it on a whim (God thing I know)and low and behold they called. The only jobs they have ever sent me on are the model home attendant jobs. Model homes have sales agents there pretty much 7 days a week. When they need a day off, and one of the regular fill ins cannot come, they call a temp agency, and then they call one of their temps. So I get this call to go to a place in Archdale NC. Archdale is probably 40 minutes from my home. I said YES, and rearranged my Friday so that I could go. My kids had dental appointments that morning, that I was planning on taking them on. My husband sacrificed some sleep so that he could take them instead so I could go. I also had to cancel a friend time as well so I could go....I would have rather seen the friend, of course...but I saw this as provision-so wanted to do it very much!
I went with my husband to get settled at the dentist. This was a new to us dentist, so of course they want your life history in the process. I went, not because my husband unable to do the paperwork, but just to make it easier on him since he was sacrificing sleep so I could go. left the dentist and drove the additional miles to the model home in Archdale. It was raining hard yesterday. Everything was wet and messy! I found the model home with ease, and walked to the door with my handful of things to do while sitting there. Usually, this builder leaves a key under the mat for the temp. So I was there, in the pouring rain, holding all my stuff-and pulled back the mat. No key. I pulled the mat up the other way, no key. I was baffled. This had happened to my husband once before at another model home. I went back to my car, dropped my stuff in the seat and walked back to the model. I rang the doorbell and looked under the mat again and again. I also checked the door to see if it was unlocked somehow. Nothing. So I went to my car and drove to a pay phone. I intended to call collect to the temp agency to let them know what was going on and so they could get me inside somehow by calling one of the people from the company. Well, the pay phone didn't work right. I went inside and asked about it, and they just shrugged. They did give me some quarters I went back out there and tried again this time trying to call direct. Phone still didn't work right. Oh and may I mention, I'm still out in the pouring rain?
I do not wear rain coats. I do not know if I own a rain coat. I may own a jacket, that could double as one, but I hate coats and since I was only going to be darting in and out of places supposedly, I didn't feel I needed one. Our umbrella thankfully was under the seat. I pulled it out about this time as to not get more wet. It was broken. I do not remember it being broken, but apparently sometime along the way-it broke. I used it anyhow.
Well I drove down the street to a tire store. I went inside. I didn't see a pay phone nearby, but they did have a regular phone. I asked if I could use it. I called the temp agency. I explained that I was soaked, and couldn't get inside of the model home. They said they would call the agent. I would have to call them again in a few minutes to find out what was happening. Now it sort of irritated me that here I stood, wet...yet willing to still do the job...and the temp agency lady said, You will have to call me back. I felt on borrowed time already on that phone. Why she couldn't have called the agent from another line there at the temp place, while putting me on hold, I have no idea. Maybe they don't do things that way, I don't know. She also asked me what I wanted to do. (meaning was I intending to stay there and do the job being I was now wet) I said, "I want to do the job, I just need to get in!" So she called the agent, and I called her back. She said "well he didn't answer, so all I could do was to leave a message on his voice mail". No that isn't ALL she could do! She could call the assure me that at some point SOMEBODY would be there to let me in.
Anyway , with my hands tied, I told her I would go back to the model and sit in the parking lot to see if someone showed up. While there, I decided to try to cut the heat on full blast-hot to see if I would dry. It helped. If nothing else I was warming up again. I decided that since I was hungry, I would delve into some of my food that I had brought. When you do these jobs-you have to bring everything you might need for the day-including food. I brought some chicken salad, so put that on my bread, and proceeded to eat. I got about half done with my sandwich, when the builder pulled up. I don't know if someone called him. I definitely see it as God's hand getting me inside though regardless of how he found himself there at that moment. So I gathered my bags and went inside with the builder. He was talking on his cell phone (I hate those things) a mile a minute. He then got off the phone and started talking to me. He asked how I was, I responded by saying I was wet . He asked me if I would let a few people in if they came by that day ... plumbers etc, and would I lock back unit 105 before I left for the day. Not a problem. Another man showed up (still not the agent...and still not necessarily because of any phone call the temp people made) He had yet another key for me-the one for the homes that were for sell. They had 8 left. Usually when I do these jobs, they just require that you answer the phone and take messages. This sounded like more fun if someone actually showed up. Anyway. This guy wanted to show me where the homes for sell were, so I went down there with him. He just was easy to talk to, both were...nice and friendly people. Definitely took the edge off of the morning of rushing , becoming soaked, and the key not being there in the first place. I started to dry out some about the time they left.
About an hour into my first arriving, finally I was there-alone and ready for the day at the model. I called the lady at the temp agency to tell her I was there, but only could leave a message on her voice mail at that time. (I also hate voice you see a pattern of my aversion to modern technology?) I looked around to see if they had a microwave. This was a unit my husband had temped at once, and he couldn't remember. I forgot about that fact as I packed my foods, and so planned thinking there would be a microwave. Sadly, there was not. I had no way to heat anything. There was a coffee pot, but it was nasty. I could have cleaned it to heat water-but just still didn't feel so certain that I would "feel" it was clean. There was a stove, but my foods were conveince type things only designed for the microwave or heated water. So I was stuck. I finished my sandwich (thankfully I had that!) and then proceeded to open the soup thing. I drank it cold. Sighz. I had some grapes....
I tried to decide of the things I brought to do, what things I wanted to do. I pulled a book out of my bag and started reading it. It was ok, nothing to rave about. It kept my mind occupied at least for the day. I wonder if I can sell it now on eBay? It certainly isn't one to keep around forever.
I had packed papers and things to make this thanksgiving thing .... , but then decided against it. I just wasn't in the mood anymore after all the morning's activities. Only the plumber and one other lady (just there picking up a box) showed up all day. No phone calls, nothing. Oh to top it off, when the plumber came, they went to the construction office, not the model office looking to get into the home they needed in. When they didnt find anyone, they called the builder-who then must have tried to call the temp agency or something, because then they tried to call me to see if I was still there. Sigh-I called them to say I was here. Do they think Im just going to leave thereafter? OK I know some people probably do-but I am not that kind of worker. I was just put off by the agency that day-but thankful for God taking care of details in between as He provided so graciously for us yet again.
It continued to rain that whole day. I was glad to be done and back home when all was said and done. I was thankful for the provision the job brought, as well as how God took care of each detail. Thankfulness remains in my heart as I sit here today-for all He has done and continues to do in my life. He knew each of these details yesterday would happen, and took care of each one...even providing hot food in the end.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Last Words
I hate it when folks feel they have to have the last word. Oh I imagine we all are like that from time to time,even me. We all have that one more point to make, or we want our final words to be the ones that drift into the air last like a puff of smoke disintegrating into nothingness. Final words, last words often only come at the end of an argument or disagreement-and we all so long to be RIGHT all the time. (or at least let the other person know we do not agree with them one last time) Perhaps that is what makes them so bitter both in the giving and hearing.

Right-we long to be right, but then I think of Jesus, who hung on the cross after giving up His in Heaven. If anyone had rights, it was Jesus. If anyone was entitled to the last word, it was our savior. But us? No way-when we become a child of the King, we give up our rights as we accept His payment for our sins. We are paid for with a very dear price. I do not even think we can imagine fully what Jesus saved us from by dying on the cross. But as we give up our rights, we also learn that His ways are higher, and that often times, we no longer need those final words, those last words, because you see-it is Jesus himself who gave up his rights, that died for us that in the end WILL have the final say. When he returns in the end, He will come as a conquering King. I look forward to that day.

Until then, I need to just learn that I have no rights and should keep my mouth shut when I feel I must have the last word :)

Friday, November 05, 2004

Well my 'puter is at the computer hospital tonight. Finally got it there to be diagnosed. I found this prayer shortly after coming online 4 and a half years ago, yet seems most appropriate tonight.

"Computer Prayer"
Every night I lie in bed
This little prayer inside my head...
God bless my mom and daddy
And bless my little girls and boys
And take care of my husband
He brings me so much joy.
And God there's just one more thing
I wish that You would do
If You don't mind me asking,
To just bless my 'puter too??
Now, I know that its not normal
To bless a small machine
But listen just a second
And I'll tell you what I mean...
You see, that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends.
Inside those small components
Rest a hundred loving friends.
Some, it's true, I've never seen
And most I've never met;
We've never shaken hands
Or ever truly hugged, and yet,
I know for sure they love me
By the kindnesses they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Is how I get to where they live
By faith is how I know them,
Much the same as I know you,
I share in what life brings them
So if it's OK with you..
Just take an extra minute
From Your duties up above
To bless this little hunk of steel
That's filled with so much love.
Author unknown

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I had a birthday yesterday. I turned 38 with little fuss . My husband called me from work at midnight to wish me a happy birthday. My son got up out of bed and came to give me a hug at midnight. (he had just gone to bed shortly before this) My sister sent me an email wishing me a happy birthday...and so I enjoyed just the small remembrances here and there from different places. Goodness, even yahoo said happy birthday to me! ;) Anyhow... The next morning after breakfast, we had our little party of cookies with icing. They all gave me homemade cards, each unique and with a little note. Always fun times! Also, my husband and kids took me out to eat. We had a"$20.00 off" card to use at a local restaurant where we had bad service a few weeks ago-so went there. After my husband went to work, I went to my mother's for part of the evening. She had a new TV and had recently added cable, so we watched TV with her, which I think she enjoyed. I know she must get lonely at times , especially in the evenings. Kids and I ended the day by eating sub sandwiches, and just enjoying yet one more cookie. We then went to bed early. (11 PM is early for me anymore) So after all was said and done, with nothing fancy...I celebrated yet another year of God's provision and lessons as He grew me in ways I probably wouldn't have chosen to grow, but am glad He thinks enough of me to grow me. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Well I did it. Really makes me feel old when I consider that I've been a voter for the past 20 years. I did my part, hopefully you did yours. We now leave the rest to God, as it is He that raises up a government, and He that takes one down. It is HE that is in control of all things. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

I have often found it hard to write here. I'll type something...and will publish it, but then shortly thereafter will virtually take it back, or crumble it up and throw it away. Much like this picture is of a ball of paper, when ideas and thoughts just have a hard time making it from brain and heart to paper and pen. So if you ever see a post on my blog and then it's gone again thereafter...that is why. Im still wondering why or if I have need for such a thing as a blog, or if its truely vanity...Why am I crumpling my thoughts up into a ball, if I am opening myself up to the world via a blog...or perhaps that is it. I am self conscience and too particular of my words as they may share my heart and thoughts. Perhaps...perhaps Posted by Hello

Baby Muddy Posted by Hello

A new month, a new day , a new Muddy year!

The leaves have been beautiful this week. My husband saw me looking quietly out the window as we road home from church Sunday,

"You looking at the trees, ", he asked.
"yeah".....I said extreamly lost in God's artwork...

I love looking at God's handiwork this time of year!