From The Mud Puddle

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today was another quiet day of resting my leg from my fall. I still am debating if I need to go to the Dr to get it looked at or not. I figure if I go then they will tell me that it is just a deep long-lasting bruise. If I don't go, my leg will probably fall off or something due to neglect in not going to the doctor (thank you internet for settling fears when I need medical reassurance! Ha!)

We watched the Christmas Story for the first time today. It came via Netfix; one of a few things we have on a DVD queue there(of things they do not stream). It was a cute quirky movie and we enjoyed it for the most part (minus the language-what is it with the language in movies that are suppose to be holiday movies or family movies? Seriously-I just get tired of hearing the words again and again when there are better ways one can express themselves.

We also watched a weird movie called Play the Game that had Andy Griffith in it. He is no Andy Taylor of Mayberry in this movie. Again, language brought this movie down; well that and some of the sexual topics being discussed. I don't know if this movie was a network movie or just a cable thing, but I cannot imagine it being played often-even on cable. I guess it is safe in the Netflix streaming category. It didn't have this huge storyline but was mildly entertaining for an evening when two out of three of us just didn't feel up to our usual activities.

Yet again, my nose is stuffy-and so is Hannah's. I guess it is just our year to pick up everything, though I am suspecting the last two things are allergy related and not so much a cold. Both seemed to present shortly after doing some moving around of things that were a bit dusty. Oh to have a cleared out nose! I can dream anyway.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Hannah, my daughter, just drove down the road towards Bojangles. (BTW-why doesn't Microsoft works like the word "Bojangles"-puzzling...Microsoft had to be taught the word LOL) She worked a 4AM to 10 AM shift at her job this morning and just woke up after a nice long nap. We are hungry now!

I play words with friends now-have for several months. If you play-I'd love some more contacts there-Just let me know you saw my query on my blog. I am Kittysunflowers there.

It is quiet here today. Christopher is at work, Jay is at work and as I said, Hannah had been taking a nap. I didn't feel much like playing my other games, so I sat here reading the news online a bit. I don't feel a lot more informed than I did a while ago, but was at least entertained by the stories I picked out to read through.

A few months ago, we subscribed to Netflix again so we could try the streaming feature they offer. We can watch instantly through our computers but also through the Wii which is amazing to me. We have several things in our queue that we rotate through as well as some movies that interest us. This go-round with Netflix we are concentrating on the things we can stream and not so much getting DVDs mailed to us. So far, its been worth the money spent.

One of the things we've been enjoying is Curtis Stone's Take home Chef from a few years ago. We are on episode 77 or 78 of 115 from season 1 right now. We will get our own dinner or take out ready and then start to watch Curtis make an "amazing meal" for someone. He certainly has a fun personality it seems. I'm not crazy about everything he makes, but there are a few things we might try in the future, God willing.

We also started watching Friday Night Lights. I've heard for a while it is a good program, we just have never tried to watch it more than once. So far we are interested.

Tree was taken down and put on the porch to be planted last Friday night. I was glad to go ahead and do some undecorating. We still need to get the outside stuff inside, but that can wait a bit (and will have to since our blow up santa will need to dry out a bit now.)

After all that typing, I am still hungry. I think I smell chicken-got to go now!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Good-Bye 2010

I didn't like you-glad you are leaving.

Welcome 2011

Hope we can be friends.

May God bless you all in the new year!